Biophotonics is the study of scientific research, through the use of light. This includes using microscopes, microscope scales, lasers, and light technology. Photonics is more likley referred to as electrons, we believe that photons play a role in information technology, like electrons. Biophotonics is more related to biological terms, and photons. This refers to emission, detection, absorption, reflection, modification, and creation of radiation from biomolecular, cells, tissues, organisms and biomaterials. Biophotonics is used to study biology. For instance, scientists over the years used this technique to probe for the function of proteins, DNA, molecular mechanisms and devices, and any other molecules in life. In addition, it is used in Medicine by allowing an individual to study and evaluate blood and tissue in an enhanced way, therefore, it can be used to diagnose and treat patients with the related diseases.


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 Millions of indiviiduals in the world are unfamiliar with the use and significance of biophotonics. One would wonder what biophotonics are. Biophotonics is a word derived from the word biology and photonics meaning the science and technology of the detection of photons. Many believe that photons will play an important part in the future due to the incredible discoveries and aspects.






A recent development of higher technology had drawn the media's attention to the laser/optical systems in the study of biophotonics. These optoelectronic devices have caught the attention of the field of both science and technology. Such media include turbulent atmosphere, ocean, fog, rain, snow, dust, smoke, industrial aerosols and sprays, gels, blood samples and bio tissues, dairy and vegetable products, polymers, liquid Crystals, colloid media, paper, etc. A wide scope of scientific and technological pathways based on generation, founding and transformation and propagation of light in different media was termed photonics (in analogy with `electronics'), concluding it is photons that are the transporters of needed information, which permits one, in particular, to redesign images of the internal structure of the medium under study. This is the development of this biomedical technology.



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